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Food Sovereignty and Community Supported Agriculture >>> event 13th January at Trill Farm, Axminster

The issue of 'food sovereignty' has come to the fore following the Brexit vote:
Futures Forum: Brexit: and life after the Common Fisheries Policy >>> >>> or: food sovereignty and the commons
Futures Forum: Brexit: and what the UK's fishing industry wants

But it's an issue that's been brewing for some time:
Futures Forum: Food sovereignty in the UK

Food sovereignty in the UK

Building on the work of communities across the UK to achieve a fairer, more sustainable food system, July 2012 saw people come together to galvanise the food sovereignty movement in the UK.

Over 100 farmers, community gardeners, co-op workers, campaigners and activists from all corners of the UK took part in a weekend of discussions, action planning and skill sharing.

The founding of the UK movement followed the launch of a European food sovereignty movement the previous year.

Since then a number of exciting organisations have sprung up, including:
The Landworkers' Alliance
Community Supported Agriculture UK
Whole Food Action

What is food sovereignty? | Global Justice Now

Community Supported Agriculture 'is a partnership between farmers and consumers in which the responsibilities, risks and rewards of farming are shared. CSA helps to address increasing concerns about the lack of transparency, sustainability and resilience of our food system.'


The Land Workers' Alliance seeks to 'raise awareness of the role that small-scale producers, family farmers and land-based workers play in providing food security, environmental stewardship, rural livelihoods, strong communities, animal welfare and high-quality affordable food.'
The Land Workers' Alliance

The LWA was co-founded by Ed Hamer, and last month, he was in Bristol:
Shift Bristol Twilight Talks - Ed Hamer - Community Supported Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Landworker's Alliance | Permaculture Association

This month, he's at Trill Farm near Axminster:

Food sovereignty and Community Supported Agriculture

Tuesday 17th January

Join Ed Hamer and Trill Farm to discuss whether this is the answer to creating healthy agriculture, food and the natural environment.

Ed Hamer is a farmer and a journalist. He was agriculture editor of The Ecologist magazine from 2008-2010 and co-editor of The Land magazine from 2010-2015. In 2010 he co-founded Chagfood community market garden, a CSA on Dartmoor now supplying 90 seasonal vegetable shares each week from six acres. In 2012 he co-founded the Landworkers' Alliance and has since worked as press officer & policy advisor.

Ed will be talking about Chagfood & the role of CSA in contributing to food sovereignty in the UK as well as the post-Brexit agricultural policy work of the Landworkers' Alliance.

About Supper & Conversations at Trill

Supper & conversations provide an opportunity to enjoy an inspiring talk followed by a convivial supper, sharing ideas and evolving positive ways forward.

Speakers include writers, innovators, critics, political agitators and environmentalists, and aim to be informative, to stimulate thinking, to make us laugh and to amaze us.

The suppers are inspired by the content of the talk and from the seasonal abundance of the farm. We don't sell alcohol, please feel free to BYO.

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