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Community Infrastructure Levy projects for housing and economic growth to be considered at Town Council: Monday 9th January

The front page of the latest Herald gives the impression that Sidmouth is about to get a load of cash to spend on stuff it wants:

However, looking through the article, it is clear that the cash on offer is only a fraction of the headline figure:

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Tomorrow's Town Council meeting will be considering the options and priorities for any cash for infrastructure coming from the S106/Community Infrastructure Levy on developers:

East Devon District Council - Infrastructure Delivery Plan Review 

EDDC Planning Policy contacted the Council on 16 December 2016 with the following request: 

“The Local Plan was supported by evidence on infrastructure capacity, known as the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP), which was published in March 2015 and can be seen here: http://eastdevon.gov.uk/media/990138/idp-draft-report-2015.pdf

The IDP should be regularly updated to reflect latest evidence on infrastructure delivery and requirements, and the Council is now working on this with a view to publishing the Infrastructure Delivery Plan Review in February/March 2017. As a key stakeholder and/or infrastructure provider, we are seeking your assistance on this work. Responses have to be received by 20 January 2017. 

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan contains a Schedule of infrastructure projects that are required to deliver housing and economic growth proposed in the Local Plan, including detail on priority, timescale, cost, funding, and delivery organisations. If a project does currently have a funding gap, this schedule can be used when considering projects that may be funded by the Community Infrastructure Levy (and other funding sources) in the future. 

I have attached an initial draft of the Infrastructure Schedule, largely reflecting the version published in March 2015. As you will see, there are tabs relating to each of the three priorities (1. critical, 2. important, 3. desirable), along with a further tab to identify infrastructure projects that have been removed from the 2015 version. Please note that this is an initial draft only, and is likely to change following your comments, and further consideration by us. Can you consider the level of development to be built at the main settlements between 2016 and 2031 (Strategy 2 table attached), and send me any comments relating to infrastructure capacity issues and the Schedule, particularly in relation to the following questions:

1. Have any existing infrastructure projects been completed? 
2. Are any updates required to any existing projects? E.g. to amend description, priority, timescale, cost, funding. 
3. Are there any additional infrastructure projects that are required to deliver the Local Plan? If so, please insert an additional row to the spreadsheet with the required supporting information (timescale, cost, funding etc), along with justification for including the project (e.g. pressure on infrastructure capacity due to housing/economic growth). 
4. Are there any other comments that you would like to make in relation to infrastructure capacity and delivery in East Devon? 

Please could you send me your comments by Friday 20th January 2017, to enable your feedback to be incorporated into the IDP Review. I am happy to discuss further over the phone or meet in person to go through any issues that you may wish to raise.”


There are many issues around the CIL system:
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