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Knowle relocation project: "Everything that happens at Knowle obviously costs us absolutely nothing!"

The District Council has agreed to the demands of the Information Commissioner to publish documents relating to the sale of Knowle:
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: BREAKING NEWS >>> >>> District Council withdraws appeals and commits to publishing full Pegasus contract

There has been a fair amount of comment on the District Council's press release, for example:


23 JAN 2017

Owl loves the EDDC description: “there were no costs to the taxpayer because they were all ‘internal’. Everything that happens at Knowle obviously costs us absolutely nothing!


Comment from Conrad Black:

I have to say that I think Owl is entirely correct. To say that there was no cost when there clearly were internal costs (even if because you choose not account for internal officer time) is a clear and blatant attempt to mislead the public as to the reality of the situation. As we find with President Trump, who apparently does not like the press because they have the nasty habit of publishing facts (see Watergate et al to understand why you need a free press that cannot be subverted by politicians or industry) that the public has a right to know what is being done in their name.

Sadly, it seems that EDDC are so blinkered they think that what many find as feeble attempts to ‘spin’ their position fools anyone. I would say, “Wake up and smell the coffee,” but while it may be brown and steaming, coffee it is not.

EDDC forced to publish documents on Knowle relocation – again | East Devon Watch

With further questions about the 'cost' on Streetlife:

Here is the press release from the original instigators which followed:
Futures Forum: Knowle relocation project: full Pegasus contract published >>> PRESS RELEASE

And there were indeed a few 'questions'...
Questions raised following release of EDDC papers on Knowle sale | Save Our Sidmouth
Save Our Sidmouth press release on PegasusLife contract | East Devon Watch

The Herald carries the story - with input from both sides:

Revealed: How EDDC reached £7.5m deal for Sidmouth HQ

27 January 2017 Stephen Sumner

District council chiefs have backed down and agreed to release details of a deal to sell their Knowle HQ to a developer.


Revealed: How EDDC reached £7.5m deal for Sidmouth HQ - News - Sidmouth Herald

Although East Devon Watch notes a wee point:
Just poor grammar in the Sidmouth Herald? … | East Devon Watch

The press has covered the relocation project over the months and years - which gives a good summary of how we got to where we are:
January 2017
East Devon Council to release previously confidential documents about Sidmouth HQ sale | Exeter Express and Echo 
‘Dismay’ at office plan on Sidmouth site allocated for affordable homes - News - Sidmouth Herald
December 2016
Uncertain future for Knowle in Sidmouth after shock blow to East Devon council's relocation plans | Exeter Express and Echo 
Rejected: EDDC refuses care facility plans for Sidmouth HQ site - News - Sidmouth Herald
Retirement village plan for East Devon Council's Knowle HQ rejected | Exeter Express and Echo
EDDC’s transparency challenged over relocation from Sidmouth - News - Midweek Herald
September 2016
Concerns of Sidmouth residents ‘ignored’ by Knowle developer 
February 2016
Plea for Sidmouth’s ‘historic Knowle hotel’ to be spared - News - Sidmouth Herald 
September 2015
District council to start town hall move ‘by May’ - News - Exmouth Journal
June 2015
From zoo to posh hotel: the curious history of Sidmouth's Knowle | Exeter Express and Echo 
Angry exchanges in Sidmouth as council debates motion to block office move for six months | Exeter Express and Echo
May 2015
Campaigners celebrate as East Devon District Council is heavily criticised over secrecy row | Exeter Express and Echo
August 2014
Home of East Devon District Council in Sidmouth put up for sale | Exeter Express and Echo 
November 2013
REVEALED: Future sites for EDDC after Knowle - News - Exmouth Journal
September 2012
‘Knowle is part of our heritage’ - News - Sidmouth Herald 

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