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Community Infrastructure Levy projects considered at Town Council > reports

On Monday, the Town Council met to consider its input for the District Council's review of its CIL policies:
Futures Forum: Community Infrastructure Levy projects for housing and economic growth to be considered at Town Council: Monday 9th January

Here's the report from the Town Council:

Minutes of the Meeting of Sidmouth Town Council 
Monday 9 January 2017 

118 East Devon District Council - Infrastructure Delivery Plan Review 

EDDC Planning Policy contacted the Council on 16 December 2016 and asked that the Town Council respond to the Infrastructure Delivery Plan Review consultation by Friday 20th January 2017. 

That the following response be sent to the District Council: Sidmouth Town Council considered that the following points were missing from consultation document: 
Alma Bridge, which is a vital link for the east of the town, should be included in the plan. The future of the link and associated pathways and access infrastructure should be recognised formally within the document. 
 The Beach Management Plan and an associated boat jetty/pier should be included in the plan. The BMP and resulting protection scheme will be the largest single piece of infrastructure in the Sidmouth area and should be at the very least noted within the plan. The Council’s wish to see a boat jetty/pier for the enhancement of day trips and the associated benefits to tourism should be mentioned.
 The need for updated/renewed Youth Facilities should be included. The existing Youth Centre is outdated and in need of renewal. 
 Suggested ways to finance or routes to obtain funding the infrastructure items should be included.  

Sidmouth Town Council considered that the following issues should be strengthened and more details given within the consultation document: 
 The Sidmouth to Feniton (Sidmouth Junction) cycle track is fully supported by the Town Council and should be a higher priority. It will encourage more cycling tourism and healthy activity for residents and visitors. More detail on how the proposed route will be reopened together with an expected delivery timetable should be included. 
 Redevelopment at Port Royal should be made a higher priority and recognise the existing work of both Councils to achieve this important improvement to this area of the town. 
 Although a Park and Change facility is mentioned it included no detail. Parking and Traffic Management in general should be given high priority as a vital part of the infrastructure for a tourism based economy. 
 With recent planning permission for facilities in Sidmouth including at the former Green Close site and others planned, it is questioned whether 50 additional care home beds are still required and if so what information the recommendation is based on. 
 Provision of extra capacity and the improvement of facilities at Sidmouth College should be clarified. What facilities will be needed and improved? The Council suggests that the improvement of building should be a higher priority than increasing capacity

The Council was generally supportive of aims of the plan but asked that where known, more site-specific detail should be included. The process and decision making thinking that led to the inclusion of items should be included. The continual review and the processes for such reviews should also be included. Members noted that the document should reflect the aims of the Local Plan. Overall, Members felt that the structure and layout of the document was confusing and should be rewritten/re-organised to reflect the layout and content of the East Devon Local Plan which would result in a more meaningful and user friendly document.


And this is from the latest Herald:

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